How to Plan, Organize and Run a Charity Golf Tournament

Golf Course Training and Consulting

Personal Training and Accountability with the GTAA

If we could guarantee to double your tournament business would you give us 15 minutes?

We have had the opportunity to work in the Golf Tournament Industry for over 25 years, serving Golf Courses, Tournament Coordinators, and Suppliers. We understand the needs of the industry. We know who produces tournaments, how to reach them, and how to sell.

How Does the Program Work?

  • Analyze past tournament business
  • Train staff
  • Gather all local tournament contacts
  • Train past and potential customers
  • Follow up and accountability

What Does the Program Cost?

Please call (602) 524-7034 or email for pricing information.

Program Includes

  • Evaluate all past tournament data
  • Train all staff
  • Train customers and potential customers
  • Monthly accountability with staff
  • Implement Programs


  • VIP Day
  • Referral Program
  • Join specific organizations
  • PR Plan
  • Gather local tournament data
  • Tournament Packages
  • Customer Tournament Planning Guides
  • Merchandise sales

Sample Content

To hear a sample 45-minute sales program, dial in and listen at (302) 202-1115 - #56959319.

To view a 45 minute sales program from the 2016 NGCOA conference, click here.

Money Back Guarantee

The GTAA will offer a money back guarantee if the participating golf course does not double their tournament business from previous year, if they follow through with all aspects of the program.