How to Plan, Organize and Run a Charity Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Timeline and Action Items

Action Item                                                                1 Year in Advance
First Committee Meeting
Determine Purpose, time and date
Choose the golf course
Create sponsor packages
Start selling big sponsors
Recruit new committee members.
_________________________________________6 Months in Advance
Develop the complete business plan
Finalize the golf course and schedule details
Continue selling sponsors
Create a detailed budget 
Create golfer packages
Start your committee meetings
Secure Title Sponsor
Create a logo for the event
_________________________________________5 Months in Advance
Build database of golfers
Get quotes on Gifts and Prizes
Create Brochure
Develop Marketing Plan
_____________________________              _____ 4 Months in Advance
Create Auction and acquire items
Start recruiting golfers
Secure Media Partner
Set up website
____________________________________           3 Months in Advance
Press Release Out
Start marketing and advertising
Sign up golfers
Continue to sell sponsors

____________________________                _____2 Months in Advance
Order Merchandise
Collect gifts and prizes
Finalize games and contests
Secure real time scoring
__________________________________________1 Month in Advance
Get signs made
Confirm all golfers and get payments
Volunteer orientation meeting
Order food & beverage
_____________________________________          _______2 Weeks Out
Committee meeting onsite
Order food and beverages
Confirmation email to golfers
Sign up deadline for golfers
___________________________________              _______1 Week Out
Send golfer pairings to the golf course
Confirm numbers with golf course