How to Plan, Organize and Run a Charity Golf Tournament

Hole #17. After the Event

“Know where you have been to know where you are going”
If you do things the way you have always done them you will get the same results. Our goal is to improve year after year and get more sponsors, more golfers and make more money. The best way to do this is to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. How can we improve on last year’s event?

If you have not done an event yet you can still ask the important questions in advance. Here are the questions to ask when evaluating your event. Take them seriously.

At the end of each section write down some suggestions for next year. Do not hold back. Get creative. 

Did we have a great name of the tournament?
What is the purpose of the event?
Where is the money going?
What is our long term goal?
How much did we gross?
How much did we net?

How many active people on our committee?
Did we have a good Chairman?
Do you have written responsibilities?
Have you assigned responsibilities?
Chairs in each area; Sponsors, Golfer, Prizes, Logistics, PR, Auction
Did we set goals for committee?
Is there an incentive program in place for them?

What type of Golf Course did we have?
What services did they offer?
What was the rate per golfer?
Did they do a good job?
How far did golfers have to drive?
Can we get a better place?

What is the caliber of your golfers? Beginners, advanced
What format did we use?
Have you surveyed your golfers? Did they like it?
Do you have a handicap system?

How much do you charge your golfers?
What are you offering?
What is the value of what you are offering?
What is the price of a foursome?
How many golfers last year?
What is your goal in the numbers of golfers?

Did we have sponsors?
How many sponsors?
What are the different sponsor packages?
What is the value of your sponsor packages?
Do we have these packages?
Title, Presenting, Major, Luncheon, Skills, Hole.
How can we beef up the packages?
Who else can we go after?

When did we start promoting the tournament?
What markets are you targeting?
Do you have a web site? Was it good?
Do you have a Full Color Brochure?
How are we promoting the event?
Do you have any media partners?
Do we have social media?
What else can we do?

What games did we have?
How much money did your games produce last year?
What contests do you have?
1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
Do we have flights?
Do we have a game package?
Do we except credit cards?
Do we have a raffle?
Do you have a hole in one contest?

What is in your Tee Package? (Goodie Bag)
What prizes for your games?
What prizes for the winners?
Do you have a hole in one prize?
Can we do better?
Do we have a hole in one contest? Should we?
What is the value of the prize?
How many holes do we have a contest?
What do we pay for HIO Insurance?
Who is our carrier?
Do you have liability insurance?

Do you have an auction?
What did we raise with your auction last year?
What types of items?
How many items?
Do you have a memorabilia company?
Did we put the items on the website?
Did we promote it in advance?
Can we expand the promotion of the auction?

When is your event?
When did we start planning?
How many committee meetings do we have scheduled?
When did we reserve the golf course?
When did we start selling sponsors?
When did we start promoting your event?
What is our deadline for sign ups?
Did we give ourselves enough time?

What was the income?
Total Gross
What were our expenses?
Green fees
Food & Drinks
Gifts & Prizes
Signs and banners
Brochure & Web site
Total expenses and Net?

When is registration?
What is the tee time start?
When is the awards ceremony?
How long is awards ceremony?
Did we have a check list?
Did we forget anything?

Did we have a good MC?
Did we have any entertainment?
Are we giving sponsors the opportunity to speak?
Did we invite other people?
Did people stay?
How can we make the ceremony better?

Did we offer a team photo?
Are you taking action shots?
Do you give your players a team photo?
How are the photos presented?
In what format? Will they keep it around?

Did we have sponsor signs?
What size are they?
Do we have other signs?
Where are they placed?
Did it look like a big event?

Have we set a date for next year’s event?
Did we gather the contact information from all golfers?
Do you have long term agreements with sponsors?
Have you given golfers the opportunity to sign up next year?
What is your plan to stay in touch with golfers?

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