How to Plan, Organize and Run a Charity Golf Tournament

Hole #16. Awards Ceremony

“Leave a lasting impression”
So you have been working on your event for 6 months. You are done with the golf and all you want to do is give out these silly trophies, go home and forget about the golf tournament for 6 more months. BIG MISTAKE.

You are not done. Just as registration is the first impression of your golf tournament, the awards ceremony is the last impression. You want people to leave happy, content and satisfied. The last thing you want to do is leave people with a sour taste in their mouth of your event because of the Awards Ceremony. Award Ceremonies must be fun, exciting and most importantly should raise even more money.

Here are some things to remember when hosting your awards ceremony.

Good MC – It is important to have someone who can keep the evening going that is upbeat and fun. Make sure to choose an MC that knows how to work the crowd. Bad MC’s can ruin the evening. One thought is to bring in a professional comedian or local TV personality.

Upbeat Evening – Have fun, enjoy the evening and make it fun for everyone. Tell some jokes, point out some people tell some stories. Make it fun.

Introduce Volunteer Committee – Highlighting your volunteers shows them that you appreciate them. Volunteers love recognition.

Allow Sponsors to say a few words – This is a great opportunity to give your sponsors exposure. They love to talk and it adds value to their sponsor package.

Keep the Pace – Golfers hate an evening that drags on. They have been golfing all day and if the ceremony is slow and boring they will leave you.

Do a Mixer – You can add value for your golfers by allowing them to meet other people. Whenever you can meet a potential customer or new relationship it makes the day worthwhile. Implement a mixer to give golfers a chance to meet someone new.

Slide Show with action photos – Another fun idea is to take photos of action shots throughout the day. Create a slide show with the day’s activities and your golfers with love it and have fun seeing themselves in the show.

Raffles – Raffles are fun and they can make a lot of money. Most importantly they allow you to have many winners. Don’t spend all evening calling raffle numbers. Draw some winners before the awards ceremony and save a couple of the big prizes to give away at the end of the evening.

Auctions – Auctions are not only fun they can add more revenue to your event.

Many groups think that the money has already been made from their golf event and they do not capitalize on the awards ceremony. The Awards Ceremony on its own can make a lot more money.

Awards Ceremonies can make more money. Consider turning your Awards Ceremony into a party. Invite more people. You already have the start of something. You have the golfers there, invite others. Invite the spouses of the golfers, invite other people in the industry that want to network and invite partiers. Charge an additional fee to attend. You will have more people there to participate. You will have more people for your raffles and auctions. Create a party by bringing in additional activities such as: A band, DJ, dance floor, casino night.     

5:30pm                 Silent Auction
6:00pm                 Welcome/ Dinner
6:15pm                 Action Photo Slide Show
6:30pm                 Introductions/ Dessert
6:45pm                 Sponsor Recognitions
7:00pm                 Organization Message and Appeal
7:15pm                 Raffle
7:30pm                 Awards (Contests & Winners)
7:45pm                 Raffle Grand Prize & Auction
8:00pm                 Conclusion & Wrap remarks
8:15pm                 Party & Entertainment
10:00pm               Party is over

The Awards Ceremony is a very important part of your golf tournament. Do not take it for granted. Leave your golfers with a good last impression and make some additional money. Good luck with your next event.

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