How to Plan, Organize and Run a Charity Golf Tournament

Hole #14. Building Memories with Photos and Videos

Make Memories
Documenting your event will ensure participants remember your tournament for years to come. We recommend that you take many pictures of your tournament and its participants. Videotaping the tournament is a great idea and can be shown during the awards ceremony. There are several ways to leave your golfers with lasting impressions of your event.

Team Photos - Choose a tee box where you set up a tri-pod and still photographer. Photograph each team and then display the photos for all to see. You can give the photos away as a gift or sell them for additional revenue. If you frame the photo, be sure your tournament name or company name is on it, so when it is displayed they will remember you.

Individual Photos - Photos of the golfer in action are great giveaways with the group photo.

Action Photos - Have a photographer drive around the course during the tournament in a golf cart and take photos of the golfers out on the course. Take some unique photos, golfers looking for their ball in the trees, etc. You can display these photos during the awards ceremony. They will get some laughs.

Group Photo – It is really fun to get a group photo at the beginning of the event.

Winners – Take pictures of the winners to put on your website, newsletters and trade magazines.

Videos - There are video companies that can do two things with video:
1. Take footage of all of the golfers throughout the event and put together a collage of the tournament to sell and show at the awards ceremony.
2. Stage the video cameras on a par 3 hole. Video each golfer from start to finish; give or sell the video to the golfer for a complete video of his/her performance. On these videos you can include a commercial for your sponsors to give them additional exposure.

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